Years ago, four young people were entrusted with raising a special child, and they vowed to protect him at any cost. Now a diabolical secret coven threatens their government and everything they hold dear. As they risk their lives to prevent disaster, they discover dire secrets that rock the very foundation of their lives. Who can they trust in a horrifying world filled with deadly secrets?


      James lost his footing as he heard what John said to him and felt the sweat working its way down his back. James felt like he was going to pass out.
      John looked at him and took a better grip of James arm to steady him. John then started to guide him out of the museum when a loud explosion was heard outside.
      This cause James to become more alert and started to run outside following behind John and almost running into him. John had stopped several steps outside.
      James followed John gaze as he saw the taxi car engulf in flame and could see Frank’s form also engulf in flame in the car. James was about to run toward the car when John stood in his path and gently pushed him back, “There is nothing you can do, it’s too late for the man, and he’s dead already!”
      James stood about 260 feet from Frank and the taxi. He let a few tears drip from his eyes as if he knew Frank for a while. John shoved James in the opposite direction from the museum.
      Many people were running out of the museum in terror. The two men that had been across the street started crossing the street and continued toward John and James. John noticed a slight bulk in one of the man’s jacket. His life experiences allowed him to quickly realize it was a gun.
      The other man slid his hand into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette and a lighter; trying to look likes part of the crowd. He lit the cigarette revealing the back of his hand. On the back of his hand was an embedded tattoo of a pentagram with five-pointed star pointing down with the head of the Egyptian magic god Seth superimposed on the inverted pentagram with in a “sacred” circle, belonging to the Coven of Seth.
      When John was part of the special force team in the army, he and his team once raided a satanic house with many colt descriptions. The Coven of Seth was described as one of the most dangerous and most active colts still together today. “Quickly, no time to explain, just run” John shouted at the air; as he picked up speed.
      John reached behind his wind breaker and pulled out a gun. “They’re coming for us” James was pulled by John in the opposite direction of the taxi. James started to run asking. “You believe that they were after me?”
      In acknowledgment, John nodded his head in agreement. They rounded the corners and came to an alley way, where they stopped. John turned his head around the corner to look.
      The two men were about to cross the street toward them. Gun in hand John pushed James to move a little faster. The alley way was located behind a row of older buildings. As John went he tried some of the doors which were locked.
      They covered about two blocks where they came to a construction site. They climbed stairs to a vantage point that was about 20 feet above ground. The two men came up to the construction site, John and James were able to take cover.
      The sirens were getting closer and someone had gotten a fire extinguisher and had been working on trying to control the fire. One of the pursers said to the other “Look we got to get out of here before the cops show up and start asking questions we’ll get them later” and took off in the opposite direction of the construction site.

Word Count: 56,950

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